Maths Activities

 Counting:     counting fingers     

 Pirate Numbers

Postman Letters 

Duck Targets

Counting Cars

 Bugz Count

Feed Freddie

 Count with Lecky

Garden Counting

Counting sheep

Whack a mole

Teddy numbers

 Fishy Count

 Growing Numbers

Count bananas

 Count Feathers

 Count and order

Number Words:  number words


Number Bonds:  number bonds

 Sum to 10

 Hit the button 

 Make 10

 Catch 10

Complement 10

Whale Save 10

Bond Machine

Funky Mummy 20


 Number twins

 Number Lines

Make 1000

Addition:   addition

Froggy Hops

Mummy Adding

  Ghost Blasting

 Bargain Adding

 Maths Magicians

Number Pyramid

Adding Work out

Adding machine

Pyramid Adding

 Boom Adding 

 Teddy balance

 Speed Addition

Bingo Adding

Adding Quiz

Adding test

Flash Adding

Adding 9 fairies

 Target 9

Target 11 


Subtraction:  subtraction


Place Value: place value

More or Less: more or less

Ordering: ordering

Rounding and Estimating: rounding

(10's and 100's)

Odds and Evens: odds and evens

Missing Numbers and Inverse: missing numbers

Sequencing: sequencing

Doubles and Halves: double and halve

(beyond 10)

Multiplication: multiplication

Division: division

Shape: shapes

Tangram (hard)

Position and Direction: position and direction

Data Handling: data handling


Time: time

(Half hour)
(15 mins)

Measures: measure

Money: money

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